The Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi issues inheritance forms to Afghan nationals and Afghan-born individuals residing in, and applying from India.

Applications for an inheritance form can only be made in person by the applicant. The applicant must be accompanied by three referees and two witnesses (see "Checklist of requirements" below for details).

Checklist of requirements

All applicants for inheritance registration must:

  • Be present, through a pre-arranged appointment, at the Consular Section of the Embassy.
  • Physical Appearance of the applicant(s) and witnesses  is must
  • Provide 3 standard passport size photos affixed to the appropriate box in the application form. Photos must be taken directly off the face and show both ears.
  • Bring three referees with fully detailed and signed affidavits, including 3 photos of each (Referees are individuals other than the applicant’s close relatives who can testify to the facts of the inheritance).
  • Bring two witnesses, including their full details and 3 photos of each.
  • Provide documents verifying the identity of the applicant.
  • Provide documents relating to the inheritance concerned.
  • Provide documents verifying current address of the applicant such as utility bills.
  • Pay inheritance form processing fee ($125.00) in cash.

How to apply

All applicants must contact the Consular Section in advance to book an interview appointment. The Consular Section’s opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12 noon.
The Consular Section is closed outside these hours as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

At the appointed time, the applicants alongside witnesses and guarantors should arrive at the Embassy

The interview may last for one to two hours. Usually, inheritance forms are issued at the end of the interview. In some cases, the applicants will be asked to return on a specified day and time to pick up their forms.

Return of original documents

All original documents submitted as part of application for inheritance registration will be returned to the applicant after the due process.

د حصر وراثت شرایط

  1. د حصر وراثت د جوړیدو په وخت کی د دری تنو اقرار کوونکو او دوو تنو شاهدانو شته والی اړین دی
  2. د وارث یا وارثینو لخوا سند چی په هغه کی د وراثت موضوع په ډاګه لیکل شوې وي
  3. د وارث٫ وارثینو٫ اقرار کوونکو او شاهدانو د افغانستان د تابعیت سند (تذکره٫ پاسپورت)
  4. د وارثینو٫ اقرار کوونکو او شاهدانو دری٫ دری عکسونه
  5. د افغانستان د تابعیت د سند کاپی
  6. د حصر وراثت د سند قیمت ( 125 امریکایی ډالره)


د حصر وراثت سند په افغانستان کی د محاکمو لخوا او د افغانستان نه دباندی په نمایندګیو کی جوړیدای شی

دا سند د ورثی د غوښتنی پر اساس جوړیږی ضرور نده چی ټوله ورثه حاضره وی


شرایط صدور حصر وراثت:

  1. حین ترتیب حصر وراثت حضور بلا قید و شرط سه نفر اقرار کننده و دو نفر شاهد حتمی میباشد.
  2. ارائه درخواست کتبی وارث و یا وارثین که در آن موضوع وراثت به شکل واضح تحریر گردیده  باشد.
  3. ارایه اصل اسناد هویت وارث یا وارثین، اقرار کننده گان و شهود (تذکره تابعیت و یا پاسپورت)
  4. سه قطعه عکس به سایز 3*4 برای هر یک از وارثین، اقرار کننده گان و شهود
  5. کاپی اسناد هویت وارث یا وارثین، اقرار کننده گان و شهود(تذکره تابعیت و یا پاسپورت)
  6. پرداخت قیمت صکوک (125 دالر امریکایی)


-        حصر وراثت در داخل کشور توسط محاکم ذیربط و در خارج از کشور توسط نمایندگیهای سیاسی و قونسلی جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان ترتیب میگردد.

- حصر وراثت به اثر تقاضای ورثه و یا یکی از وارثین ترتیب شده میتواند، ضرور نیست تا همه ورثه جهت ترتیب حصر وراثت حضور یابند

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