In reference to our earlier Note Verbal No. EA/183 dated August 7, 2018, we would like to convey that the Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education (AMHE) has intimated that the below mentioned announcement shall be shared with all existing Government Funded Scholarships students through their relevant Universities/Colleges management:

As per AMHE’s (HCS; the High Committee of Scholarships of AMHE) decision, if any existing Government Funded Scholarship student; who has not been suspended/rusticated till date and who feels that he/she cannot continue his/her studies in India (due to any reason), can voluntarily write an application and withdraw the scholarship (the same shall be submitted through his/her relevant college administration and EdCIL). Subsequently, AMHE will take a call on same applicant’s request and give an opportunity for the applicant to continue his/her remaining studies in an Afghanistan-based University/HEI.

Last date for submission of applications is June 15, 2018 and thereafter, no further applications will be accepted.

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