originally published on August 22, 2017 ,  CNN-News18


New Delhi: Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Afghanistan ambassador to India, on Tuesday welcomed US President Donald Trump's strategy to continue fighting in the war-torn country, saying it was a "comprehensive one".

Abdali suggested that the new strategy involved all aspects - from security to defence.

On Trump's "no blank cheque" remark, Abdali said that there has to be accountability in cooperation and goals have to be met.

Trump has now ended "uncertainty", he said. Donald Trump, in a prime-time address to the nation on Monday evening, accused Pakistan of giving "safe havens to agents of chaos, violence and terror". Abdali also appreciated Trump for stating that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan will depend on ground-zero condition.

Abdali was glad that Trump called out Pakistan, saying the strategy was not only Afghan-centric, and "took the entire region into consideration".

Abdali once again asserted that Afghanistan, "for the longest time", said: "terrorism was not Aghanistan's doing." "The whole region should participate in fighting terrorism."

He expressed concerns about the state of modern-day Afghanistan, saying his country was a "victim of terrorism" emanating from across the border. "We will have to fight the sanctuaries of terror and it couldn't have been more clearly spelt out."

Lauding India's constructive role in Afghanistan, Abdali said that Trump called on India because he leans towards India for peace and stability in the region. "India is an excellent example of partnering with responsibility towards peace."

Donald Trump said the US wanted India to help more with Afghanistan, particularly in the areas of "economic assistance and development".

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