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Director General -Ambassador Prasad

Honourable Shri Manohar Parrikar

Ladies and Gentlemen:


Good morning




Ladies and gentlemen:

•  Success against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan region is therefore of vital national security interest to every country of the region and d1e world community at large.

First, terrorism in our region is morphing to adapt in pursuit of its political and criminal-economic ends

•  Distinct ecology, system and industry- Since 9/11, the terrorism in the region has morphed producing a distinct ecology, system and industry.

  1. Not a civil war- Afghanistan is not a civil war given the multiplicity of actors on the two sides. It is a drug war, it is a terrorist war, and it is also a state-to-state undeclared And it is not going to be confined to Afghanistan.
  2. Distinction between good and bad terrorism will produce Frankenstein 1onster and therefore a perpetrator will also be a
  3. Associating terrorism with Islam is technically wrong as it does not allow for true understanding, ethically immoral as it fails to appreciate the sacrifices of Muslims victims and those who have been fighting terrorism and politically unwise to alienate a natural ally­ Afghanistan partnership with US and NATO, the Islamic world and India against terrorism and the rejection of terrorism by Islamic world scholars in Mecca in 2015 are a case in

Second, ironically, despite the CT globally, it has grown its capabilities to threaten our region and the world community,


Third, the inadequacy of response has made the terrorism challenge of our time even worse,




Fourth, a common strategy against a common enemy is the only way to save our nations, our region and the world community against terrorism.

·        Common understanding- Given the growing evidence, the starting point should be a common understanding of our common enemy.

  1. End sponsorship and tolerance- the number one priority of the strategy should be ending sponsorship of terrorism by persuasion or coercion actions against states and individuals.
  2. Coordinated responses - Coordinated intelligence, military and diplomatic responses to remove sanctuaries, recruitment, training, equipping and financing infrastructure,
  3. National action to address the governance, poverty and educational challenges,
  4. Regional support for CT- Support for the S., NATO and Afghan CT operations -

5.   Peace and Reconciliation -Afghan peace and reconciliation based on Afghan constitution and renunciation of violence and ties with foreign terrorists is key to broader CT.



Thank you

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