Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Afghanistan Ambassador to India inaugurated a one-day Afghan Painting and Handicraft Exhibition which was held on May 14, 2018 at the Embassy of Afghanistan-New Delhi.

The exemplary work of Afghan artists were exhibited at the Gandahara Hall of the Embassy, showcasing more than 40 paintings,  handicrafts, including art work on gemstones depicting historical background of Afghanistan.

While Congratulating the Afghan artists for their impeccable art work through this exhibition, the Afghan Ambassador appreciated their cultural art work and added “The remarkable art works are the main pillars of development and sustenance of communities and that no society can progress in the absence of culture. Indeed our cultural values will bring giant strides in future, the culture which is based on diversity, tolerance, humility, deep knowledge and understanding.”

Referring to the importance of holding such cultural events and exhibitions, Dr. Abdali said that it can transcend cultural boundaries especially in the context of relations between Afghanistan and India.

At the end of the exhibition, the Afghan artists and businessmen were awarded with certificates and appreciation letters.

It is worth mentioning that diplomats and artists from both India and Afghanistan and art lovers from across the city participated in this exhibition.






Vijay Jolly, the Leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) along with his team met with Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi at the latter’s office on May 14, 2018.

The duo discussed boosting ties between the parliaments of Afghanistan and India and the efforts of both the nations towards further strengthening the people-to-people relations.

During the meeting the BJP Leader expressed interest about traveling to Afghanistan, studying the people-to-people relations with the aim to further strengthen the relations between the two nations

The Afghan Ambassador proposed the establishment of India-Afghanistan Friendship Association in Delhi. Mr. Jolly welcomed the Idea and expressed his readiness to take the lead on the proposal from the Indian side.

The Afghan Ambassador appreciated the notion of working towards further connecting the people of both the nations and assured them of any kind of cooperation by the embassy in this regard. 

In response to the request of BJP Leader for cooperation in releasing the kidnapped Indian engineers, the Afghan Ambassador briefed them about the serious work of the Afghan government in order to release the kidnapped Indian engineers.

The meeting ended discussing the ways to further enhance the relations between the two nations.




The Office of Defence Attaché of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi held a banquet dinner for the Military Attaches based in New Delhi on May 12, 2018.

The dinner function was marked as a special event with an aim to strengthened friendly relations with the Military Attaches of the world in India and attracting military assistance in combating terrorism and capacity building of the Afghan National Army.

While welcoming the guests, Col. Karimullah Karim, the Military Attaché of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan spoke about the pivotal role of the Military forces of Afghanistan in fighting against terrorism.

He lauded the international community’s assistance in boosting the capacities of the Afghan National Army and by providing military equipment. Col. Karim solicited for continued international assistance and support in order to curb terrorism.

In between the dinner session a short documentary on Afghan National Army was played.  In addition to the Military Attaches of the countries based in New Delhi, the event was joined by Wg. Comdr. Jasmin-Protocol Division, Ministry of Defence Affairs-India and the representatives of Political, Protocol and Administration departments of the Afghan embassy.  



Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with Amitabh Chaudhry, Director, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) at the Embassy on May 10, 2018.

At the outset, the Afghan Ambassador welcomed the Director of BCCI to the Embassy of Afghanistan and lauded the efforts of Indian Cricket Board and the cooperation extended by the Indian government to strengthen the Afghan National Cricket Team, including gaining the test nation Status.

Terming cricket as a tool to further enhance ties between the two nations and bringing unity among the people of India and Afghanistan, Dr. Abdali expressed his contentment over Afghan cricket team using India as a home ground.

During this meeting, both sides emphasized on strengthening cooperation between the two nations through cricket and appreciated the key role played by the Afghan players in the IPL matches.

The Director of the Indian Cricket Board also informed about the upcoming cricket test match between India and Afghanistan scheduled to be held on June 14, 2018 in Bangalore city, India which will witness the participation of the high level governmental officials from both the countries.

Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi spoke about the recent attacks on journalists in Afghanistan at an event which was organized by the Foreign Correspondents Club South Asia (FCCSA) on May 5, 2018 in New Delhi.

While  expressing the condolences with the media family over the loss of 11 journalists and thanking FCC for organizing such an event to honour the lives of the Afghan journalists, Dr. Abdali spoke about the causes of these attacks and said: “The message of these attacks was clear, to shut down the voice for justice, equality and democratic principles.”

Talking about the achievements of the Afghan media, post 2001 the Afghan Ambassador referred to the freedom of expression in Afghanistan and said: “The freedom of speech in Afghanistan, I believe is the freest in the region which has been ensured by the government of Afghanistan.”

Ambassador Abdali also spoke about the Afghan government’s efforts in order to protect journalists and facilitate a better and easier working environment including calling for journalists’ access to information as well as a well-received by law on the establishment and activity of private media outlets.

Dr. Abdali concluded that the government of Afghanistan makes sure that the measures provided to the Afghan media is in place and provides with conducive environment to the press to move around freely. He also called upon the global media organizations to reinforce the efforts of one another in order to protect journalists globally.