Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, the Deputy Chief of Mission-Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi, attended and delivered a speech on the occasion of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan’s 200th birth anniversary held on 18th October 2017.

Lauding Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan’s contribution in the Islamic world, DCM Balkhi noted that he was a pragmatist and reformer of Islam who has presented practical mechanisms in order to boost development in the Islamic world.

The Afghan DCM also emphasized on Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan’s role in presenting thousands of intellectual and academic personalities to the Indian society through getting the education in Aligarh university and added: “…and this is the signs of a great man.”

DCM Balkhi spoke about Sir Sayed’s legacy and contribution for Afghanistan and said that Aligarh University is graduating a huge number of Afghan students and this way Sir Sayed has reached to Afghans too.

Sir Sayed Ahmed’s 200th birth anniversary was organized by Delhi University which was participated by intellectuals, researchers, and scholars from all across India.


Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali attended the 11th IISS-NESA South Asian Security Conference on 14th October 2017 at Muscat, Oman.

The conference was organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in coordination with Near East South Asia (NESA).  The conference was attended by government civil and military officials, diplomats and members of strategic institutes from across the globe. The Afghan Ambassador, in his remarks, hailed the United States’ new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia that will have positive ripples and opening a window for cooperation and partnership among the South Asian countries. The Afghan ambassador urged for sincere cooperation from the neighboring countries in fighting against terrorism.

Referring to safe havens and state sponsorship of terrorism, Dr. Abdali called on the region and international community to join hands in fighting terrorism to bring stability and peace in the region.

The Afghan Ambassador also touched upon the importance of improved connectivity that will further help to enhance economic ties in the region.

The conference was concluded by the renewal of commitments by all participating countries to bring peace and stability in the region.

Established in 1958, the IISS is a British research institute mainly focuses on nuclear deterrence and arms control. It annually organizes international conferences on major security concerns in the world.



October 9, 2017: As per an agreement between Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan (MoCI) and The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, the five day training course for the MoCI officials was inaugurated by Kamela Sediqi, Deputy Minister-MoCI, Mirwais Balkhi, Deputy Chief of Mission-Embassy of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shoaib Habibi, Economic Counselor, Embassy of Afghanistan and Rita A. Teaotia, Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India (MoCII) in New Delhi.

The Afghan Deputy Minister of CI, during her address highlighted the significance of the training program for Afghan government officials in enhancing capacity building in trade and industry and said that, “It will certainly add extra effect on Afghanistan’s economic growth.” 

Mirwais Balkhi, DCM also delivered a speech stating that the ongoing training programme will develop skills and capabilities in promoting exports, making business decisions and policies, understanding the nitty-gritties of World Trade Centre agreements, transit and investment related issues.

Talking about the Indian government’s support to building capacities of Afghan government employees, Rita A. Teaotia stated that MoCII is currently working on the plan for training government officials in field of trade and business in order to contribute in economic growth of Afghanistan.

The 4.5 million Euro project aims to build the capacities of the Afghan government officials which is funded by European Union for a duration of three years. This project focuses at training the Afghan officials in trade and business domain which is implemented by Indian Institute of Foreign in close cooperation with Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India.

Mirwais Balkhi, the Deputy Chief of Mission-Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with V.V. Maheshwar Rao, Telugu Film Director and Cinematographer and General Director of the International Film Festival in his office on October 7, 2017.

The Afghan DCM spoke about the cultural commonalities between India and Afghanistan and added: “Today, in spite of knowing about Bollywood, the Afghan people cognizes Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada industries too.”

DCM Balkhi also noted upon the rich Indian art and cinema and solicited the Indian film industry for cooperation in enhancing the quality of films produced by Afghan Film and other private companies.

During the meeting, the Indian Film Director assured the Afghan DCM to exhibit short Afghan movies over the Indian film festivals which are due to be held from November to December 2017 in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Jaipur.

The Indian Filmmaker expressed interest in organizing joint Indo-Afghan film festivals in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan and solicited Afghan Film and other private film productions to cooperation in this regard.



Ahmad Shoaib Habibi, the Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with Gautam Gosh, Director, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) and Saurabh Mittal, Assistant Director-FICCI on October 5, 2017 to discuss the second edition of India Product Show (IPS).

The three-day show scheduled on November 15-17, 2017 in Kabul will be organized by FICCI, Ministry of Commerce and Industries-Government of India, Embassy of India in Kabul and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) with the close cooperation of the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi.

The exhibition aims at creating business avenues for India and Afghanistan by bringing together traders and business entities from both the nations to enhance trade relations.

The mega event will witness participation of fifty Indian traders. The exhibition will create a lot of business opportunities for India and Afghanistan and further strengthen economic ties.

It is worth mentioning that the first edition of the IPS was held on 2-3 November 2014 in Kabul by Embassy of India to Kabul which comprised 50 stalls from both countries.