Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi inaugurated the new academic session of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan High School in New Delhi on August 01, 2018.

The Afghan Ambassador congratulated the students and the management team of the school on the beginning of the new academic session. Referring to the current political situation and updates on Afghanistan, Dr. Abdali encouraged the students to pursue their studies for achieving successive goals and to be the part in country’s development.

The academic session of the school began with ribbon cutting and by ringing the school bell by the Ambassador followed by classroom visit and interaction with the students.

During his interaction with the students, the Afghan Ambassador informed about a number of educational programs which will be collaborated with Indian schools and institutions in order to boost their knowledge and encourage taking part in competitive forums.

Thanking the management of the school for nourishing the talents of the young Afghans in India, the Afghan Ambassador called upon the students and stated that the future of Afghanistan depends on young generation and it is on them to drive the country towards development, peace and stability.



Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with Afghan Sikh and Hindu representatives in Balkh Hall of the Embassy on August 01, 2018.

The meeting aimed at discussing the needs and solution to the concern and challenges of the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who are living in Afghanistan.

At the outset, the Afghan Ambassador welcomed the attendees and once again extended condolence for the loss of the Sikh and Hindu countrymen in the recent attack at Jalalabad City, Nangarhar and stated that the Afghan government is committed to protect the minorities in Afghanistan and the government has already sought ideas and suggestions to arrange proper security measures.

During the meeting, the attendees solicited the government of Afghanistan to register the holy and spiritual places of the Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan. In response, the Afghan Ambassador informed them of the same plan which is already agreed by the Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs of Afghanistan.

The representatives of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus in New Delhi also spoke about their concern of not being able to receive Afghan national ID cards (Tazkera) and solicited the Embassy of Afghanistan for assistance. Addressing the concern, Dr. Abdali assured them to facilitate with a panel which will soon travel to India in order to confirm the identities of the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs living in India and provide them with the ID cards accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that Narinder Singh, Avtar Singh’s son has recently been nominated to replace his late father for the Afghan parliament.




Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with R.P. Singh, the National Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly on July 26, 2018.

The meeting aimed at discussing further boosting the bilateral ties between Afghanistan and India as well as strengthening the people to people relations between the two nations.

At the outset, the Afghan Ambassador welcomed the BJP National Secretary and spoke about the old aged historical and cultural relations which has tied India and Afghanistan for a long time throughout the history.

During the meeting, the BJP National Secretary expressed to extend his cooperation in order to enhance the relations between the two nations.

Thanking India for its cooperation in the development of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdali welcomed the offer and assured the BJP leader to extend efforts for strengthening ties between India and Afghanistan.

Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of I. R. of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with Ajit Mangrulkar-Director General, Sanjay Mehta-Deputy Director General and Vipul Srivastava-Deputy Director of IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber of Commerce) at the latter’s office on July 24, 2018.

The meeting aimed to discuss on the upcoming exhibition titled ‘Passage to Prosperity’ which is scheduled to be held from 12- 15 September, 2018 in Mumbai in collaboration with IMC. The meeting highlighted on all the positive aspects of ‘Passage to Prosperity’ exhibition that will attribute in signing an agreement between Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and IMC for establishing Joint Chamber of Commerce.

During the meeting the Afghan Ambassador spoke about ‘Made in Afghanistan’ exhibition that was held in New Delhi earlier this month earning a revenue of 70 million USD between Afghanistan and India. He also emphasized on the successive results of last year’s ‘Passage to Prosperity’ exhibition making trade agreements up to 50 million USD. 

Realizing on the prospective benefits of trade between Afghanistan and India, Dr. Abdali expressed to work closely with IMC in order to achieve economic benefits for both the nations and proposed to expand cooperation to other cities in India too.

Partnering with ‘Passage to Prosperity’ exhibition, IMC will be setting up two panels comprising of Women empowerment and Medical Tourism. On 30th August this year, IMC will be holding press meeting in Mumbai to discuss on ‘Passage to Prosperity’ Exhibition where the Afghan Ambassador to India is invited to address the event.

Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi inaugurated an exhibition titled “Made in Afghanistan: Nature’s Best” which was graced by the presence of several eminent business leaders from Afghanistan and India on July 13, 2018 in New Delhi.

Held in ITC Maurya Hotel, this two-day exhibition was organized by Afghanistan in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Roots of Peace which showcases Afghanistan’s finest fruits, nuts and spices.

During his remarks at the event, the Afghan Ambassador welcomed the Afghan traders to India and acknowledged USAID”s initiative in reinforcing this exhibition and for choosing best title for the exhibition. He also spoke about the latest joint initiatives of Afghanistan in India in order to further boost the trade relations.

Dr. Abdali also stated that the past exhibition, Passage to prosperity earned great success of 250 USD million and the upcoming series of Passage to prosperity scheduled to be held this year in Mumbai would be a major event. The Afghan Ambassador also discussed about trade volume between Afghanistan and India which has increased to 900 Million USD and the scope to target USD 2 billion in near future.

Urging over the steady assistance by USAID and India, Dr. Abdali emphasized on the need to institutionalise agricultural sector in Afghanistan. 

 During his speech, the Afghan Ambassador suggested Afghanistan-India-US to have a trilateral chamber of commerce in order to forge enhanced business activities between the three countries.

It is worth mentioning that over 500 Indian commercial importers will be meeting Afghan exporters and explore business relationships during the two day event. Business seminars, one- on- one meeting will all form part of this comprehensive two day meet. 

Realising the vital importance of India in Afghanistan’s export trade, the Afghan government has launched several such initiatives to encourage Afghan companies to look at Indian export opportunities and this is one key promotion launched over the last one year.