Ambassador Shaida Mohammad Abdali paid a visit to the National Defense College (NDC) in New Delhi on 9 September 2017 and delivered a lecture on “Future of Peace in Afghanistan”.

Thanking the NDC for providing an opportunity to address the young military cadets, Dr. Abdali commenced his lecture briefing about the current position of the Afghan Military Forces, their achievements and improvements over the 15 last years and also added, “Indeed, we owe our gains of the past 15 years to our many partners and good neighbors like India, who stood by us, as we strive to stabilize and rebuild our country.”

During his lecture, Ambassador Abdali lauded India’s contribution to train the Afghan military forces. Referring to the strong bonds of friendship and partnership between India and Afghanistan and regardless of the change of governments, Dr. Abdali noted that India as the first strategic ally and is a major stakeholder in the stabilization and development of Afghanistan.

Talking about the posing threats of terrorism in the region, the Afghan Ambassador emphasized on the importance of collective and sincere cooperation of the regional countries in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and across the region.

 To conclude with, the Afghan Ambassador addressed the questions of the young cadets.


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