As part of the Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process which plays an integral role in securing peace, promoting development, establishing economic ties, connecting and bringing regional countries together for increasing Afghanistan’s capacity to sustain and create opportunities with its own resources.

Following the above principle, the fifth consultative meeting  of the Regional Group on TCI CBM was held at FICCI premises on Oct 1, 2015 where Mr.  Mostainbillah Balagh, Deputy Director General for Economic Cooperation represented Afghanistan along with Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi, Economic Counselor at the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Rudrendra Tandon, Joint Secretary for Ministry of External Affairs, India.

The agenda introduced and discussed during this conference was to design and develop a fully functional web portal for the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to enhance its trade and business promotion capabilities. The web portal will, after being fully set up will function in a manner similar to web portals being used by other professional Chamber of Commerce around the world. The portal will be programmed to perform automatic market matching functions such as selecting potential sellers in response to queries posed by potential buyers or suggesting meetings to visiting trade delegations. The Portal can also be designed to provide other ancillary services like providing information on investment opportunities in Afghanistan based on Government policy announcements and listing of Tender documents issued by the Government of Afghanistan for various public works, upcoming events, trade fairs etc.

The member countries, supporting countries and international Organisations that attended this conference were U.S.A, U.K, Australia, U.A.E, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt with UNESCAP and UNDP respectively.

Mr. Ahmadi expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Afghan Government to the member countries, supporting countries and international organizations for realizing the importance of this initiative and put forth his ideas of how to enhance and create capacity in Afghanistan by achieving the long term plans set up TCI CBM. He also pushed for active participation and engaging the ‘Heart of Asia’ countries in sincere and result‐oriented cooperation for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, as well as a secure and prosperous region as a whole .

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