Fox petroleum chairman Mr. Ajay Kumar along with his accompanying office staff met with Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi, Economic Counselor at the Embassy of Afghanistan to discuss their delegations visit to Afghanistan to meet with the relevant government officials and hence forth with the Honorable President of Afghanistan on installation of a gas pipeline which would cater to the energy starved public of Afghanistan.

Following up with the points discussed during the previous meeting, Mr. Kumar reaffirmed his commitment towards this project and stated that this would be a landmark project for Afghanistan in terms of creating employment opportunities, sustainable economic development, fulfilling Afghanistan’s need for energy by tapping and utilizing its own resources, increase its self- reliability thus decreasing its dependency on other countries in the region for supply of energy.

Mr. Kumar also briefed Mr. Ahmadi in regard to their preparations, the groundwork planning, assembly of manpower and resources, import of construction material, arrangements for portakabins for residing the engineers at the site and construction of a temporary runway for direct supply of cargo which could be later used by the Afghan Government once the project is executed.

Mr. Ahmadi describing this project as a new start towards long term collaboration with Fox Petroleum and Afghan Government expressed his gratitude. He also requested Mr. Kumar to share an appropriate time along with his visit details and accompanying delegation for ease in facilitating and coordinating the meetings in Afghanistan with the requested Ministries and Presidents Office.

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