The following procedures are introduced to be implemented for regulating scholarships and awareness of Afghan students who are studying to the level of bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, fellowship academic and research institutions in foreign countries.

Article One:

Meritorious Credentials and Commitments of the Candidates before dispatching them to foreign countries in relation to the following:

  1. Regular pursuit of self-study curriculum and lack of leave
  2. The scholarship provider exempts itself from all sorts of expenses paid to the students in case of withdrawal from the desired course.
  3. Returning home after successfully completing the education and Compliance with laws and regulations of scholarships provider country.
  4. . To pay education expenses in case the scholarship is intentionally addled.  

Article Two:

The following steps must be observed after receiving candidate approval and dispatching them to the host country counties:

  1. Respecting the laws, culture and customs of the scholarship provider country.
  2. Observing terms of the scholarship and scholarship provider institutions.
  3. Observing the terms and regulations of the Universities and Educational Institutions.
  4. Compliance with the terms and conditions of dorms.
  5. Avoiding from impolite behaviors against the local and international students and with the universities authorities.
  6. Avoiding from ethnic and linguistic
  7. Islamic preserve in the host country.

Article Three:

If a student leaves his/her scholarship without reasonable, the Afghanistan Political representatives in abroad are to identify the person immediately and aware the ministry of Higher Education officially.

Article Four:

The following disciplinary procedures are implemented if the candidates do not meet the first and second articles of the procedure:

  1. The scholarship provider university in the host country may issue advice, warning ad even expelling decision according to circumstances of offences in correspondence with the Educational Attaché of the Embassy and based on the enactment laws of the host country.  
  2. The expelled students shall be returned to the country and all the expenses by the scholarship provider or by the Islamic republic of Afghanistan shall be recovered from them and will be collected in the government treasure.
  3. The expelled students shall not have the right to participate in other scholarships.
  4. The expelled students shall not have the right to participate in general entrance exam (Konnor Exam) in local universities of the country for two years.
  5. The students shall be introduced to the Judicial and Justice Organizations after expelling from the host country if they are charged by convulsion. Ethnic, linguistics, religious discriminations or moral issues.

Article Five:

The Afghan Students participation in the show programs addressing our traditions and culture, or celebrating the national days shall be held in correspondence with the Educational and cultural Attachés of Afghanistan Embassies in abroad and their respective universities.

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