H.E. Mohammad Karim Khalili, the Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan arrived in New Delhi on August 20 to conduct meetings with the leadership of the Republic of India.

The high ranking delegation accompanying the Vice President includes Mr. Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal Minister of Economy, Dr. Obaidullah Obaid Minister of Higher Education and Mr. Wahidullah Shahrani Minister of Mines, Gen. Shir Mohamad Karimi Chief of the Army Staff, Azizuddin Ahmadzadah Director General of the First Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some other officials of the Foreign Ministry and the office of the Vice President.

H.E. Khalili was called by H.E. Salman Khurshid Minister of External Affairs soon after his arrival in New Delhi who extended to the Vice President and his accompanying delegation welcome to India.

The two sides discussed issues related to the Afghanistan- India bilateral relations and emphasized the importance of enhanced and strengthened cooperation between the two countries.

For the official part of the visit, Vice President Khalili met separately with H.E. President Pranab Mukherji , H.E. Prime Minister  Manmohan Singh and H.E. Vice President Hamed Ansari and the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Shivshankar Menon.

The discussed issues included building on the strong historical ties between the two countries, political and military transitions, the role of the region particularly India in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the years ahead of the country and the rest of the region beyond 2014.  Emphasizing the significance of Afghanistan bilaterally and regionally, the leadership of India reiterated their full commitment to cooperating with Afghanistan in all areas, including national defense, and in the manner desirous for Afghanistan.


On the second day of his visit the Vice President met with CEOs of the Indian Industries and discussed Indian investment in Afghanistan.  Welcoming the investment by Indian companies H.E Khalili emphasized on the importance of investments in further strengthening of the bilateral relations.

On the last day of his visit, H.E. Khalili spoke at “Delhi Policy Group Series Four Conference on Regional Compact for Afghanistan” held on Thursday, August 22, 2013.  The conference was attended by ambassadors and representatives from diplomatic missions of the countries in the region and beyond, academics and representatives of research organizations.

In his speech, briefing the participants on the success achieved and progress made in the transition process the Vice President emphasized on sincere regional cooperation as a key to stability, integration and prosperity for the region.

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