This weekend, Deputy Chief of Mission M. Ashraf Haidari and the Embassy staff received and met with a senior Senate delegation, led by the First Deputy Chairman of the Senate, the Honorable Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, arriving on a weeklong visit to New Delhi. During their visit, they will have a number of high-level engagements with the Indian legislative and executive institutions.

In addition to sharing legislative experiences with their Indian counterparts, they will discuss with them legislative processes, including legislative activities of the Indian Parliament, the role and functions of the two Chambers, budgetary procedures and approval processes, as well as public administration. Moreover, the delegation will meet with India’s Vice President, the Honorable Hamid Ansari, and Minister of External Affairs, the Honorable Salman Khurshid.

Their stay will also include visits to the Indian Parliament Museum and historical monuments signifying the civilizational ties between the peoples of Afghanistan and India.



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