The newly appointed Chargé d'affaires Mr Tahir Qadiry, took charge of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi on June 18, 2019.

Mr Qadiry, in his introductory remarks to diplomats and his colleagues, underlined the following points:

“When, His Excellency Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, nominated me as the new Chargé d'affaires in New Delhi and was approved by the President Ashraf Ghani, I got excited because the responsibility and representation of Afghanistan in an important country like India, is an honor and great opportunity to work effectively.”

As President Ashraf Ghani rightly emphasized during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi, “Other countries have to create their historical relations, however, Afghanistan and India do already have strong relations from history on which both can build prosperous future.”

Mr Qadiry said, “I would like to emphasize that India is one of the key countries for Afghanistan and a large part of the ‘regional connectivity’ which is also one of the main policies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as the vision of Afghan President”.   

For centuries, Afghanistan and India have had historical relationships and commonalities in many spheres but after the fall of Taliban regime in 2001, the relationship between the two countries got a new form that has been extensively broadened.

One of the renowned authors in the field of India-Afghanistan relations stated that India has played a positive role in Afghanistan and has been able to develop commercial trade routes and air corridors, investing on Chabahar Port, providing health services, liberalising visa policy for Afghan citizens, even through Bollywood, India could capture the ‘Heart and Mind’ of Afghans.

India is one of the biggest donors in various sectors of Afghanistan. We have the largest number of students in this country. We have many common interests and there is high potential and capacity in various fields, especially in economic cooperation and imports and exports. Further, Afghanistan serves the best path to connect India to West and Central Asian countries.

The threat of extremism and terrorism is highly dangerous for both the countries. India’s balancing role, as compared to other regional competitors, in Afghanistan and the historical friendship between the two nations have led to the political and diplomatic cooperation in a healthy way.

As the representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I truly promise to be the real representative of the Afghan government, noble nation of Afghanistan and of the diplomatic mission and will work towards achieving national interests based on the principles of our foreign policy.’


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