Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak, the Commercial Attaché of Afghanistan in New Delhi met with the officials of the Indian Ports Association office on 22nd May 2019, which included the organizations esteemed members such as Mr. A Janardhana Rao, the Managing Director, Dr. Abhijit Singh, the Executive Director of the respected body and Mr. Asad Wasi, Head of India Maritime Plus. The purpose of the meeting was primarily introduction and then seeking the possibility of cooperation by the esteemed Association in port related of India and Afghanistan.

Since its establishment in 1966, Indian Ports Association has been committed with the promotion of growth and enhancements of all major Indian ports, under the supervisory control of the Ministry of Shipping. The Association also assists the Shipping Ministry of the Indian Government in their policy creation. The officials explained how they are the apex body of major ports under the administrative control of the Ministry of Shipping.

Mr. Sahak’s inquiry regarding the authority’s cooperation in port related problems, the officials assured their organization’s full cooperation.

Mr. Asad Wasi, Head of India Maritime Plus, a joint initiative of Ministry of Shipping of the Indian Government and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), for the promotion of investments in the Indian Maritime Sector, stated that Afghan and Indian authorities should join hands together for enhancement & attention of investments in Chabahar Port. He explained the abundance of opportunities that come intertwined with the investment and requested Mr. Sahak to recommend the same to Afghan Businessmen.

Mr. Sahak concluded the meeting by thanking the esteemed association for their promise of cooperation and promised to relay Chabahar’s investment opportunities to the Afghan as well as international investors.

From left, Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak meets Mr.  A. Janardhana Rao, managing director of Indian ports association, Dr. Abhijit Singh, Executive Director of Indian ports association and Mr. Asad Wasi head of India Maritime Plus in Indian Ports Association office. Bothe sides discuss regarding ports cooperation between two friend countries. 

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