Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak held a meeting with the Directors of Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) Mr. Tara Chand and Mr. Sandip Das on 29th April 2019. Mr. Suresh Kumar Makhijani, Joint Director of TPCI was also a party in the meeting. Mr. Sahak’s main focus was to seek cooperation of the esteemed authorities for arrangement of business-matchmaking meetings between Afghan and Indian traders.

The Officials of TPCI acknowledged Mr. Sahak’s request and assured their assistance in the arrangement of B2B, B2G, G2G meetings in the sectors of Food, ICT and Chemicals.

In return, the Directors of the esteemed office requested the commercial department’s cooperation in the arrangement of their upcoming F&B event to be held in Kabul on August month.

The officials of TPCI enlightened Mr. Sahak about INDUS FOOD, Food and Beverages exhibition which is held by the organization annually. INDUS FOOD’s exhibition, with 700 member companies is considered a significant annual event in the Indian Market. The Directors assured Afghan commercial dept. of this embassy to provide transportation for Afghan delegates who willing to participate in the event.

The Officials of TPCI invited Mr. Sahak’s along with his colleagues to participate in the upcoming event. Mr. Sahak thanked the authorities for their cooperation and in return, assured the representatives of TPCI their department’s comprehensive assistance in their upcoming F&B event in Kabul.

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