Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak met with Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal, the CEO of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) on 1st May 2019. Mr. Sahak’s considerate to seek the cooperation of the esteemed body in reducing trade barriers for Afghan traders shipping their consignments to India. His deliberations included the issues of the time consuming FSSAI lab tests reduction of trade barriers frequent to Afghan traders.

Mr. Agarwal assured Mr. Sahak that FSSAI is issuing provisional certificates for Afghanistan’s Fresh Fruit Consignments entering India.

For consignments containing dry fruits, Mr. Agarwal suggested the establishment of quality lab tests in Afghanistan. He suggested that the lab tests should be established according to either the standards of Indian Organizations such as NABL, or International Standards such as APLAC or IAF. If the quality of the consignments is in par with the standards of these organizations, there wouldn’t be arising a need for time consuming lab tests.

FSSAI authorities also stated that according to their Food Inspection Prioritization System (FIPS), the importers who have brought in consignments of the same nature more than five times and the consignments have been fully checked before, their other hundred consignments shall undergo only a 5% random check given the fact that the following information of the imported consignments remain the same which include:

  1.  The Exporter of the consignments.
  2. Country of Origin of the consignments.
  3. Manufacturer of the consignments.
  4. And the HS code of the consignment.


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