In a meeting held in Head office of Medical council of India on 25th April 2019 With Dr R.K vats, General Secretary, Medical council of India and Mr.Sediqullah Tahirzai (second Secretary) of Embassy of Islamic of Afghanistan, New Delhi highlighted the challenged which faced by Afghan Medical Interns since they have been doing their Internship in India.

Following concerns has been discussed in above-mentioned meeting:

  1. To ease the MCI Registration Process and completion of Registration process within 21 days in response Dr. R.K Vats assured Mr.Sediqullah Tahirzai to make registration Process possible within 21 days as already Stipulated in MCI Arrangements.
  2. Discussed the procedure and Qualification Requirements for National Eligibiltiy Entrance Test (NEET) Exam. Dr. R.K vats specified that cracking or passing NEET Exam is mandatory for all medical admission Aspirants.
  3. And for the convenience of Applicants MCI has been requested to make Deposition of Registration fees Online.

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