Mr. Ahmad Shoib Habibi, economic consular and Mr. Sadiqullah Tahirzai, second secretory of the embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, New Delhi met Mr. Nehal Sanghani, Senior Advisory for International and Partnership, U.S Agency for International Development in this embassy on 16th of April, 2019.
Both sides discussed their mutual views regarding the upcoming Afghanistan and India joint international Trade and Investment exhibition which would be held     in       New   Delhi.
Mr. Nehal indicated about their preparation from their side and shared some significant points for mutual understanding and partnerships such as following steps:

1- Decision about the Trade and Investment exhibition’s inauguration date.
2- Holding of B2B, G2G panel meetings.
3- Invitation of investors, companies and chambers such as FICCI, PHD and CII.

Accordingly, the meeting ended with a productive bilateral discussion and both sides hoped to have a successful exhibition and expected further joint partnerships in near future. 

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