New Delhi: the celebration of Nowruz festival of 1398 Solar Hijri calendar year held in JNU with collaboration of the Afghanistan Embassy in New Delhi, Afghanistan and India Foundation.

Mr. Mohammad Khairullah Azad Chargé d' affaires the Embassy of Islamic Republic Afghanistan in New Delhi, vice chancellor of JNU, authorities, professors, Pashto and Persian languages departments students had participated in this aforementioned festival. The gathering commemorated and dignified this day with delivering speeches about the history of Nowruz, singing songs for approaching of spring season in Persian and Pashto languages by students, performance of  drama and music.

Mr. Azad the Chargé d' affaires  the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi, rendered information about the heritage of Nowruz in his speech and he said that “Nowruz is an ancient festival which is raised in Ancient Balkh province.” He added, “With long passage of time, people celebrate Nowruz for the sake of winter season’s end and re-refurbishment of nature in springtime, it spreading message of peace, friendship and love in human society.”

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