Mr. Mohammad Khairullah Azad, Charg’e d’affaires of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ms. Payal Swami, Director Payal Foundation inaugurated the India-Afghanistan women empowerment legendary award cultural program that was held at constitutional club of India on February 9th, 2019.

Mr. Khairullah Azad, during his address at the joint culture program highlighted upon the importance of women empowerment, especially in the context of Afghanistan, where women have been appointed in ministries, elected in the parliament and heading many government agencies.

Mr. Khairullah Azad thanked the Payal Foundation for conducting such cultural program and hoped to have more such program in order to boost the cultural relations between India and Afghanistan with special needs and legendary women who have achieved success in life on their own through hard work.

The theme of the event was women empowerment legendary award to support women in special needs.

The program was further enlightened with the performance by Indian and Afghan students.

The Afghanistan –India women empowerment legendary award ceremony was a jubilant moment for both the countries and has been witnessing a strengthened relation of people to people contact spreading across the globe.


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