Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to India spoke at an interaction, held by the Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents (IAFAC) on April 17, 2018 at India International Centre, New Delhi.
The Afghan Ambassador Spoke about the current political, economic and security situation in Afghanistan, India-Afghanistan bilateral relations, regional cooperation, global efforts and the way forward.
Referring to the latest developments in Afghanistan in terms of security state of the country, Dr. Abdali noted upon the regional conferences and forums held in order to find a solution for current the conflict in Afghanistan.
About the peace process, Ambassador Abdali highlighted on the importance of regional conferences and added that the support and reaffirmation of international commitment will keep an open space for tangible peace talks.
Talking about the latest economic developments, Dr. Abdali referred to the major projects such as TAPI, Chabahar, TUTAP, TAP and Lapis Lazuli and the India-Afghanistan Air Corridor established recently.
Ambassador Abdali also spoke about the bilateral relations between India and Afghanistan focusing on the achievements so far. Dr. Abdali spoke about the US$ 3 billion aid to Afghanistan for humanitarian assistance and extended his gratitude for the assistance that has gone a long way in social, economic and infrastructure growth in Afghanistan.
At the end of the interaction, Ambassador Abdali addressed the questions of the journalists too.
The IAFAC aims at holding interactions on the current issues of international significance and diplomacy by inviting ministers of foreign affairs, diplomats, national security advisors, foreign secretaries, think tank experts, special envoys and other dignitaries in order to create deeper understanding on important bilateral and multilateral issues.

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