Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Ambassador of Afghanistan to India and non-resident Ambassador of Afghanistan to Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives met with Shankar Das Bairagi, the Foreign Secretary of Nepal at the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi on January 16, 2018.

 The meeting was aimed to discuss the bilateral ties between the two nations, exchanging views on current security chaos in the region and consulate services of Nepal for Afghan citizens.

At the outset, the duo exchanged views about bilateral relations between Nepal and Afghanistan and discussed the ways to further strengthen these ties. To further boost the diplomatic relations between the two nations, the Foreign Secretary of Nepal proposed introduction of honorary consuls from both the nations.

The Foreign Secretary of Nepal also expressed concern over the Nepalese prisoners in Afghanistan and considering friendly relations between the two nations, he solicited the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi to work with the Afghan government in order to get an exit for these prisoners.

The Ambassador Abdali also thanked the government of Nepal for the visa-on-arrival facility which will be launched soon for the Afghan citizens traveling to Nepal and assured his counterpart to convey to request for the release of Nepalese prisoners from Afghanistan.

The duo exchanged views on SAARC activities as well as the current security challenges in the region and ways to tackle the state sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

It is worth mentioning that Hamid Tahzeeb, the First Secretary to the Embassy of Afghanistan was also present in the meeting.

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