The third day of the India-Afghanistan Cultural Week was celebrated by organizing joint student programs and joint folklore music and dance performances in Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), on 1st December 2017 in New Delhi.

During the event, Dr. Naser Ahmad Sarmast, Founder and Director of Afghan National Institute of Music spoke about the commonalities between the music of Afghanistan. Their team, Zohra Orchestra performed a number of Afghan classical music.

As part of the celebrations, India-Afghan couples, students and individuals shared their experience of living in India and Afghanistan which reflects the cross narratives of both the countries.

The program was further enlightened with the Kalaripayattu (martial arts presentation) performance by the Indian students as well as Attan and Qarsak by Afghan students.

The Afghanistan-India Cultural Week celebrations were a jubilant moment for both the countries and have been witnessing a strengthened relation of people-to-people contact spreading across the globe.









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