The Afghan Ambassador, Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali spoke at the International Seminar of “Dari-Persian Literature during Late Mugul Period” on 7th November 2017 at Ghalib Academy, New Delhi.

While addressing the seminar Dr. Abdali, touched upon the brilliant history of Dari-Persian language in India and contribution of the Indian poets, the mystics and Ghaznawi, Ghori, Khelji, Aibak, Lodis, Suri, Gurganus monarchies in spreading Dari-Persian literature in India and recalled: “In spite of being supported by all means, the kings were writing poems in Dari-Persian too and the names of Sultan Sikandar Lodi, Salim Jahangeer, and his Kandahari queen, his granddaughter Noor Jahan and later on Zebulnesa were included in this list.

Referring to the history of research about introducing the Dari-Persian culture in India, the Afghan Ambassador included: “I, on behalf of my country Afghanistan and my culture loving people appreciate the researches and efforts made in spreading and educating Dari-Persian in India.”

It is worth mentioning that this two-day seminar was organized by Persian Foundation of India, Ghalib Academy and Bedil Foundation-Tehran saw participation of array of experts from different academic centers of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran.

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