Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak held a meeting with the Directors of Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) Mr. Tara Chand and Mr. Sandip Das on 29th April 2019. Mr. Suresh Kumar Makhijani, Joint Director of TPCI was also a party in the meeting. Mr. Sahak’s main focus was to seek cooperation of the esteemed authorities for arrangement of business-matchmaking meetings between Afghan and Indian traders.

The Officials of TPCI acknowledged Mr. Sahak’s request and assured their assistance in the arrangement of B2B, B2G, G2G meetings in the sectors of Food, ICT and Chemicals.

In return, the Directors of the esteemed office requested the commercial department’s cooperation in the arrangement of their upcoming F&B event to be held in Kabul on August month.

The officials of TPCI enlightened Mr. Sahak about INDUS FOOD, Food and Beverages exhibition which is held by the organization annually. INDUS FOOD’s exhibition, with 700 member companies is considered a significant annual event in the Indian Market. The Directors assured Afghan commercial dept. of this embassy to provide transportation for Afghan delegates who willing to participate in the event.

The Officials of TPCI invited Mr. Sahak’s along with his colleagues to participate in the upcoming event. Mr. Sahak thanked the authorities for their cooperation and in return, assured the representatives of TPCI their department’s comprehensive assistance in their upcoming F&B event in Kabul.

Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Sahak met with Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal, the CEO of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) on 1st May 2019. Mr. Sahak’s considerate to seek the cooperation of the esteemed body in reducing trade barriers for Afghan traders shipping their consignments to India. His deliberations included the issues of the time consuming FSSAI lab tests reduction of trade barriers frequent to Afghan traders.

Mr. Agarwal assured Mr. Sahak that FSSAI is issuing provisional certificates for Afghanistan’s Fresh Fruit Consignments entering India.

For consignments containing dry fruits, Mr. Agarwal suggested the establishment of quality lab tests in Afghanistan. He suggested that the lab tests should be established according to either the standards of Indian Organizations such as NABL, or International Standards such as APLAC or IAF. If the quality of the consignments is in par with the standards of these organizations, there wouldn’t be arising a need for time consuming lab tests.

FSSAI authorities also stated that according to their Food Inspection Prioritization System (FIPS), the importers who have brought in consignments of the same nature more than five times and the consignments have been fully checked before, their other hundred consignments shall undergo only a 5% random check given the fact that the following information of the imported consignments remain the same which include:

  1.  The Exporter of the consignments.
  2. Country of Origin of the consignments.
  3. Manufacturer of the consignments.
  4. And the HS code of the consignment.


In a meeting held in Head office of Medical council of India on 25th April 2019 With Dr R.K vats, General Secretary, Medical council of India and Mr.Sediqullah Tahirzai (second Secretary) of Embassy of Islamic of Afghanistan, New Delhi highlighted the challenged which faced by Afghan Medical Interns since they have been doing their Internship in India.

Following concerns has been discussed in above-mentioned meeting:

  1. To ease the MCI Registration Process and completion of Registration process within 21 days in response Dr. R.K Vats assured Mr.Sediqullah Tahirzai to make registration Process possible within 21 days as already Stipulated in MCI Arrangements.
  2. Discussed the procedure and Qualification Requirements for National Eligibiltiy Entrance Test (NEET) Exam. Dr. R.K vats specified that cracking or passing NEET Exam is mandatory for all medical admission Aspirants.
  3. And for the convenience of Applicants MCI has been requested to make Deposition of Registration fees Online.

Mr. Ahmad Shoib Habibi, economic consular and Mr. Sadiqullah Tahirzai, second secretory of the embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, New Delhi met Mr. Nehal Sanghani, Senior Advisory for International and Partnership, U.S Agency for International Development in this embassy on 16th of April, 2019.
Both sides discussed their mutual views regarding the upcoming Afghanistan and India joint international Trade and Investment exhibition which would be held     in       New   Delhi.
Mr. Nehal indicated about their preparation from their side and shared some significant points for mutual understanding and partnerships such as following steps:

1- Decision about the Trade and Investment exhibition’s inauguration date.
2- Holding of B2B, G2G panel meetings.
3- Invitation of investors, companies and chambers such as FICCI, PHD and CII.

Accordingly, the meeting ended with a productive bilateral discussion and both sides hoped to have a successful exhibition and expected further joint partnerships in near future. 

In a meeting held in CBIC office on 25 March, 2019, with Mr. Pranab K. Das, the Chairman of the Central Board for Indirect Taxes and Customs, Govt of India, Mr. Mansoor Sahak, the Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, New Delhi enumerated the problems Afghan traders while exporting their consignments to India. The issues of  4 – 5 days delay in obtaining clearance certificates for Afghani consignments because of laboratory tests taking time at the airport and other ports of the host country and the accompanying demurrage charges that are levied, because of the delay, he emphasized on challenges and expected appropriate solutions from Indian side.

Mr. Das took note of the problems and promised to take the matter at the earliest for trade facilitation forum which is chaired by CBIC and Authorities from FSSAI as well as P&Q attend as members of mentioned forum. Mr. Sahak pointed out problems faced by Afghani traders while they import goods for Exhibition and trade fairs in India. As a solution, Mr. Das recommended Using of ATA carnets "Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission." which acts as passport of goods and issued by custom authorities, where goods can enter to another country for exhibition purpose free from GST (Goods and services tax) and duty free by acquiring ATA carnet.

He also suggested that Afghanistan needed to conduct the necessary lab tests in the ports and airports inside Afghanistan, under the supervision of a regulatory body so that the consignments are not delayed in obtaining the required clearance certifications in India. This can be possible through signing Mutual Recognition Agreement between two countries Standard and testing authorities.

In conclusion, Mr. Das promised full cooperation of CBIC in any area in order to boost trade and investment between two countries.