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A short report of the 7th meeting of the Board of Directors of the

India – Afghanistan Foundation

19 October 2013, Kabul


The 7th meeting of the Board of Directors of India – Afghanistan Foundation (IAF) was held at the Indian Ambassador’s residence in Kabul on October 19, 2013.

Present in the meeting were Ambassador Amar Sinha of India, Ambassador Shaida Mohammad Abdali of Afghanistan (two Co-Chairs of IAF), Prof. Mohammad QasimJamdar, Prof. Nazar Mohammad Azizi, Ms. NajibaMaram (Board members from Afghanistan), Mr. Anand Kishore Sahay (Board member from India) as well as the two secretaries of IAF Mr. Safiullah Delawar (Delhi Chapter) and Mr. Niteen Yeola (Kabul Chapter).

After exchange of pleasantries the board members decided to review all pending projects from feasibility aspect, prioritize the pending projects and categorize them in terms of urgency time lines- immediate/ medium and long term. The Board also decided that although all members of the foundation are busy people, and Ambassadors have a hectic schedule, the board members need to take up specific activities so that decision is carried forward and the following decisions were taken:

The proposals approved and categorized in terms of urgency time lines- immediate/ medium and long term are as follow:


A- Immediate:


B- Medium Term:

- Sponsoring short term training of Afghan youth for museum, archival and ethnographic museum studies



C- Long Term:

Above mentioned proposals were approved unanimously. It was also emphatically decided that the IAF must hold its meetings every six months, as per the General By-Laws, or even sooner than that, if deemed necessary.

The two secretaries of IAF, Mr. Delawar (Delhi Chapter) and Mr. Niteen Yeola (Kabul Chapter) presented financial reports of the two chapters and it was decided to have the accounts audited as per the bye law.

The next, 8th, meeting of the Board of Directors of the IAF to be held in New Delhi within six months and the two co-chairs will take up the issue of reconstitution of the boards with their respective Government.

It is also announced, hereby, that all relevant institutions and individuals can send their proposals related to the above mentioned projects in their area of expertise, within one month from the date of this release.






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