Timing of Visa section

Documents Submission 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Documents Collection 4:00pm to 4:30 pm


Required Documents for Afghan Visa


For all types of visa the applicant must provide the following documents:


  1. Original Passport
  2. Passport must have at least a validity of six months and two blank pages
  3. Application Form (Duly filled & signed by the applicant)
  4. Photo of the applicant
  • 35x45 mm in size
  • The photo must be with white background
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • The  photo must contain the full face, neck, and shoulders of the applicant with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open 
  1. Photocopies of Passport and all supporting documents.

Note: Physical Appearance of the applicant is must for the interview


Types of Visa and the Documents required


Entry visa

The applicant must provide the following documents apart from the documents mentioned above for an entry visa:

  1. Number of reference Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  2. Invitation letter from the company or organization by which the applicant is employed
  3. Attested education degree according to the work for which the applicant is invited from Afghanistan
  4. In case the education degree is from India, then the education degree must be attested by Ministry of External Affairs of India
  5. Other nationals with an education degree from other countries must  provide an education degree attested by their respective embassy in New Delhi
  6. In case of technical work - If the applicant is not having any education degree then he/she must provide his/her skill work certificates attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of India and the work experience certificate according to the work he/she is going to do in Afghanistan.
  7. Entry visa will be issued with the validity of three months, for a period of one month stay with single entry
  8. Entry visa will be extended for a period of 1 to 12 months, inside the country ( Afghanistan) on the basis of providing certain documents
  9. Foreign nationals entering Afghanistan with an Entry visa can work inside Afghanistan only after taking the work permit.

Tourist visa:

  1. Tourist visa is issued for a foreigner whose purpose of visit is sight- seeing, recreation and visiting tourist places and historical places in Afghanistan
  2. Tourist visa is issued with the validity of three months, for a period of one month stay with single entry
  3. The tourist visa will be extended inside Afghanistan by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan at the request of the applicant and introduction of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Afghanistan only once for one month.

Note: Documents required for issuing tourist visa is subject to the purpose of travel to Afghanistan.


Business visa

  1. Business visa is issued for foreign nationals who travel to Afghanistan for investments, marketing, buying and selling of goods, clearing the dues, business deals, supervision of the companies, factories, commercial properties, attending exhibitions and other similar purposes.
  2. Business visa is issued for a period of one month up to one year with multiple entry permits.
  3. If a foreign national enters Afghanistan with a business visa and he/she applies for the extension of the visa then he/she must be introduced by related authorities to the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the visa can be extended up to a period of one year.


Documents required for the business visa are as follows:

  • Recommendation letter from one of the Chambers of Commerce And Industries or Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India /or/ Export Promotion Council of India/ or/ a reference number from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.
  • Registration certificate of the company from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India
  • Complete address of the company
  • Income tax documents of the last three years
  • Bank statement of the company for last three months, attested by the bank
  • Import and Export certificate of the Company
  • Letter from the company addressed to the embassy, introducing the businessman for visa issuance
  • Invitation letter from one of the companies of Afghanistan with the copy of the license of the company from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

There is no visa fee for Indian nationals

Visa Fee Structure for Nationals other than Indians

Type of visa



Entry Visa   


$100 USD

Tourist Visa 


$80 USD

Transit Visa 


$80 USD single entry and

$150 USD double entry

Visit Visa

$80 USD

Business Visa

$100 USD single entry with 30 days stay,

$200 USD triple entry for three months

$400 USD multiple entry for six months

$800 USD multiple entry for one year


Note: In case the applicant wants his/her visa to be issued urgently, an amount of $38 USD for Indian nationals and $50 USD for other nationals are chargeable.  The visa will be issued within 24 hours.

Important Notices

Incomplete forms and/or documents submitted may delay visa processing or result in rejection of the application.

Applicants should ensure that the visa applications are approved before they obtain their air ticket. We are not responsible for any financial loss in the event that the application is not approved.

Travel agent and visa consultant

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has not hired any travel agent or visa consultant for processing visa applications. Please do not fall into the trap of this kind of people. The travel agents or visa consultants might assure you that they can process your documents for visa and they may ask money for that or they might assure you that they know someone in the Embassy or the consulate department and they can ask for favours from them to issue visa for you, be informed that these are all wrong and misleading advices and no one can guarantee visa for you without following the proper rules and regulations. In case any application is found being processed by any agent, the application will be rejected.  Visa forms are available on the website without any charges.

Moreover, please do not try to offer bribes to anyone, or try to influence the officers by contacting higher authorities for visa issuance. The consular department only follows rules and regulations.   

Visa Enquiry phone line

All applicants are encouraged to read the details outlined here. If further clarification is required, please contact the Visa Enquiry line at Tel: +91-11-26871326.




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