Name Designation Department
Mr. Mohammad Khairullah Azad  Political Counsellor - Chargé d'affaires a.i. Political Section 
Mr. Mohammad Omer Younusi First Secretary
Mr. Abdulhaq Azad Third Secretary
Mr. Ahmad Shoaib Habibi Economical Counsellor Economic Section
Mr. Sadiqullah Tahirzai Second Secretary
Mr. Nabiullah Rasooli First Secretary Protocol Section 
Mr. Shaker Fiazi Third Secretary
Mr. Mr. Homayon Nezami First Secretary (Consul) Consulate Section 
Mr. Fazal Haq Faqiri Second Secretary
Mr. Abdul Wakil Elham Second Secretary
Mr. Ashraf Yad  Second Secretary Information and Media Section 
Mr. Hafizullah Hakimi First Secretary Administration & Finance Section
Mr. Babur Salemi Third Secretary
Mr. Firoz Saleh  Third Secretary Education Section 
Mr. Ziaulhaq Akhondzada Second Secretary India - Afghanistan Foundation 


Name Designation Attachés
Col. Karimullah Karim Military Attaché Military Attache
Maj. Atiq ur Rahman  Deputy Air Attaché
Capt. M. Agha Ayar Deputy Military Attaché
Mr. Ajmal Alimzai Cultural Attache Cultural Attache
Mr. Sediqullah Sahar Education Attache Education Attache
Mr. Mohd. Mansoor Sahak Commercial Attaché Commercial Attaché
Mr. Rajab Ali Darvish Deputy commercial Attaceh



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