The Cultural Attaché works in fields below:

  • Introduction of the host country with the history and culture of Afghanistan and the people as well as collection of the materials about the history and culture of India and sending them to the centre;
  • Participation in conferences, gatherings, scientific seminars, symposiums as well as workshops held by the host country;
  • Implementation and follow up on agreements boosting cultural and tourism ties between Afghanistan and India;
  • Highlight and promotion of the joint cultural commonalities in the host country;
  • Analysing the weak and strong points of the cultural ties between India and Afghanistan;
  • Organizing Seminars, conferences, symposiums and exhibitions in host country;
  • Facilitating competitions and other opportunities for Afghan sportsmen/women;
  • Establishing joint cultural cooperation with the host country;
  • Facilitating for Afghan film makers to produce documentaries on cultural relations between Afghanistan and India;
  • Creating opportunities for the cultural bodies as well as the athletes based in Host County.


Background/History of when the office of the Cultural Attaché was established in Embassy of I. R. of Afghanistan-New Delhi

The office of Cultural Attaché in Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-New Delhi was established two decades ago – in (1992) during the regime of the former President of Afghanistan Dr. Najibullah,  in order to enhance and revive the cultural and historical ties between Afghanistan and India.

The Cultural Attaches from then to now are as below:

  • Bashir Ahmad Amani (Attaché)– 1992
  • Syed Habib Shah (Deputy Attaché) – 2003
  • Mohammad Afsar Rahbeen (Attache) – 2006
  • Abdul Khaliq Rashid (Attache) – 2010
  • Ghulam Nabi Paktin (Attache) – 2014
  • Ajmal Alimzai (Attache) -2017
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