Know your visa type. Before applying for a visa please read all the visa information posted on our website to figure out what type of visa you are eligible to apply for.


Prepare all the necessary documents. If the visa type you are applying for requires a reference number from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, ask your employer or organization in Afghanistan to obtain that reference number for you.

Approach the consular section of the embassy between 9:30 -12:00 and submit your application and all supporting documents to the visa receptionist sitting at the visa counter.


Depending on the number of applicants, you may have to wait at least 15 minutes until the receptionist quickly check your documents. If all your documents are in order, you will be called for a brief interview.


The visa officer will recheck your documents and may ask you questions related to your application. Tell the visa officer if you want your application to be processed urgently.


Make the payment at the visa counter and get the receipt. For gratis visa also the visa receptionist will give you a receipt as acknowledgment of receiving your application.

Come between 16:00-17:00 on the date specified on your receipt to collect your passport. In case your visa application process was delayed due technical issue, you will be informed via phone beforehand. Therefore, it is very important that you put in your application a phone number that is reachable.


Write down your name in the receive book and collect your passport and visa. In case your application was not successful, the reasons for which your application got rejected will be given to you in a written format.


Note: If collected by someone other than applicant, written authorization must be provided by the applicant.


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