Business Visa is issued to the foreign nationals who enter the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the purpose of business, investment, marketing, commercial transactions, guardianship, liquidation, handling of corporate affairs, and commercial property; selling and buying property; participation in exhibitions; commercial events and other similar issues.

Required Documents

  1. Reference number issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan;
  2. Registration certificate of the company;
  3. Bank Statement of the Company;
  4. Letter from the company addressed to the embassy, introducing the businessman for visa issuance;
  5. Invitation letter from the prospect local partner company in Afghanistan;
  6.  Copy of the license (JAWAZ) of the prospect local partner company in Afghanistan.


3 months M. Entry

Six month M. Entry

1 year M. Entry

2 Year M. Entry

3 Year M. Entry

$ 40

$ 80

 $ 160

$ 250

 $ 300

Application Processing Time:

Three (3) working days but if the applicant wants her/his application to be processed within 24 hours, he/she is required to pay USD 50 in cash in U.S. Dollar only.

Note: Business people and investors also can obtain visa on arrival at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.For information about visa on arrival please click here

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