Name: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Capital: Kabul

National Emblem:






Government Type: Centralized Presidential system which consists of three branches of powers (executive, legislative and judiciary) and the president is the head of all three branches.

President: H.E. Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

Chief Executive Officer: H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Foreign Minister: H.E. Salahuddin Rabbani

Geographical Locations: Afghanistan is a landlocked country located with South Asia and Central Asia and considers as a bridge connecting these two important geographic areas in Asia. Afghanistan has geographical connectivity with the Middle East.

Climate: Afghanistan has four seasons in terms of climate and mountainous terrain, dense forest and abundant water compared to its neighbors.

Area: 652,000 km2

Province: 34 (see list)

Demographics: The population of Afghanistan is around 29,117,000 and is the forty-first country in the world in terms of population.

Official Languages: According to article 16 of the consitution, Pashto and Dari are the official languages of Afghanistan; and in areas where the majority of people speak in Uzbek, Turkmen, Nuristani, Balochi and Pamiri languages; they are third official languages in addition to Dari and Pashto.

Currency: Afghani

Country Code: +93

Domain Extension: .AF

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